Become the Community Contributors of 1,000+ SAFe Professionals

Community Contributors are those members in our network who actively contribute to further the cause of the community. Community contributors volunteer their time, abilities, and skills in ways that benefit others and make the community a better place. Contribution often includes taking individual and collective action towards addressing community challenges by creating quality content such as webinars, meetups, workshops, articles, etc. In their efforts, they treat others with dignity and respect and exhibit honesty and integrity.

Who are Community Contributors?

Community Contributors users are those who volunteer to put in the extra effort in helping the community. Community contributors recognize that not everyone has the advantages and opportunities that they do, yet they seek to create a community where everyone is respected, valued, and supported. Think of it as your gateway to key resources and expert practitioners to help you navigate transformation—no matter where you are on your journey.

What are the requirements for being a Community Contributor?

  • Must have a genuine interest in SAFe.
  • Contributors must behave and create content in compliance with our Terms of Service, Official Rules.
  • Contributors’ content must have the potential to reach and influence the audience (in other words, contributors must produce quality content).
  • Contributors must have a genuine interest in helping us build a healthy community around the world by sharing constructive feedback.
  • Contributors must be actively involved in at least one community-oriented channel such as Forums, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch.
  • The contributor must be an active member of the community for at least 3 months
  • Contributors must have a good and positive standing within the community.

Benefits of Joining The Community Team

Helps you make new professional contacts

Helps advance your career

Can teach you valuable job skills

Opportunity to give back to the community

How can I become a Community Contributor?

There is no process to request to join the Community Contributor program. The only way to become a Community Contributor is through nominations or being noticed by the SAFe Community Leadership.

So, How Do I Nominate Someone?

You can nominate someone on this Google form. Community Leadership will then review the nominations.

The SAFeThursday Contributors program is a community of passionate people who
enjoy sharing their knowledge of Scaled Agile with others. And to navigate
transformation—no matter where you are on your journey.

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